Pre Destination wedding photography Paris, France – Kish & Guv

Engagement Photography Paris, France


Wine, baguettes, heatwave, espresso, l’escargot, gelato, 27 degrees, sony a9 tests. 

It was great to visit France again earlier this summer. We have been to Paris many times in the past – several ‘randezvous’ with my wife, school trips and probably our longest stay at university. However, this time we were lucky enough to be a part of Kish and Guv’s pre destination wedding photography session that took place over the busiest bank holiday weekend of 2017! My dear friend Alex Miller mentioned this to us and we remember saying that we actually like busy backgrounds full of people. Well.. we do but we must admit we really struggled to get some shots of just the bride and groom. Paris was absolutely packed with tourists that weekend (as the below post will testament)! On the other hand this particular engagement session was very different to what we usually do and we will definitely remember it!

Apart from the above obstacles we had such an amazing time! We met Kish and Guv in London, UK and we travelled together to France. We spent three full days walking around Paris, drinking lots of alcohol (during photoshoots of course to make our cameras more stable aka vibration reduction, coffee (everyone except Kish who loves his ‘cup’ of tea) :) and most importantly eating french food – wine + l’escargot combo was fabulous! Everything we did in Paris is only foretaste of what happened in the UK a few weeks later during their wedding day which we can not wait to share with you all. It was the biggest, best and most beautiful event we have ever covered and we are truly overwhelmed by the amount of LOVE we received from every member of this wonderful family. We honestly can not thank you enough guys for such an incredible experience! We really look forward to seeing you both at the football match soon! Best Wishes xxx

Massive thanks to my wife (for thousands of selfies – this trip would not have been the same without you darling). Also, many thanks to our filming crew (Marcin) – we really look forward to working with you guys and so happy that our team is growing!

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