Homme House Wedding

Homme House Wedding

Marcus & Hannah’s Homme House Wedding

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I love being a Homme House wedding photographer so much. Having captured countless beautiful moments within its historic walls, I feel a deep connection to this Grade II* listed country home nestled in 200 acres of rural Herefordshire countryside, just a stone’s throw away from the Gloucestershire border. The panoramic views of the Malvern Hills and Cotswolds beyond provide a breathtaking backdrop for every celebration.

Homme House isn’t just a venue; it’s a sanctuary of warmth and tranquility, steeped in familial charm. Unlike commercial venues, Homme House operates on an exclusive use basis, offering couples the opportunity to make it their own for their special day. The atmosphere is not that of a stiff event space, but rather that of a welcoming family home, where flexibility and relaxation are paramount.

As a Homme House wedding photographer, I’ve had the privilege of witnessing love stories unfold against this picturesque setting time and time again. Being based just 15 minutes away from the venue has allowed me to intimately familiarize myself with its every nook and cranny, ensuring that every shot is perfectly composed and every moment beautifully captured. Join me as we delve into Marcus and Hannah’s unforgettable wedding day at this idyllic countryside retreat.

Homme House Wedding Photography

As a recommended Homme House Wedding Supplier, Marcus and Hannah entrusted me with the task of immortalizing their special day through the lens. Charlie, the owner of this enchanting venue, personally recommended my services to the couple, a testament to the rapport I’ve built within the Homme House community.

The day dawned with anticipation, beginning at the heart of Homme House itself. Hannah found herself enveloped in the elegance of the Main Suite, nestled at the top of the flying staircase in its own secluded wing. Bathed in natural light streaming through bay windows that offered sweeping views of the gardens and parkland, this sanctuary provided the perfect backdrop for her pre-wedding preparations. With a spacious bedroom adorned with a four-poster bed, an en suite bathroom, and an adjacent Drawing Room, Hannah luxuriated in comfort as she readied herself for the day ahead.

Meanwhile, Marcus sought solace in the Coach House, a self-contained haven adjacent to the Main House. Opting for this space not only provided additional accommodation but also ensured that both Marcus and Hannah could prepare for their nuptials without the risk of crossing paths before the momentous “I do.” This thoughtful arrangement not only added an element of anticipation to their day but also facilitated seamless coordination for their photographer, allowing me to effortlessly capture the intricate details of their preparations on both sides.

Weddings at Homme House

With preparations complete, the momentous occasion of Marcus and Hannah’s wedding ceremony drew near. Homme House, renowned for its versatility, offers couples the choice of three distinct ceremony spaces: the Panelled Room or Dining Room, a serene Garden Ceremony by the Summer House, or the option Marcus and Hannah selected—a local church service.

Their choice fell upon the quaint 13th-century St. Bartholomew’s, nestled at the end of Homme’s parkland drive, a mere 1000 meters from the estate. This historic church boasts a remarkable 400-year connection with Homme House and is home to the legendary Marcle yew, a millennia-old tree whose hollow trunk serves as a unique backdrop for post-ceremony photographs.

The atmosphere within the church was nothing short of enchanting as Marcus and Hannah exchanged vows, surrounded by the timeless beauty of their historic surroundings. Following the ceremony, the newlyweds emerged to a joyous tunnel of confetti, a symbol of love and well-wishes showered upon them by their guests.

With the sun casting its warm embrace over the festivities, all guests leisurely made their way back to Homme House to continue the celebration. The drinks reception commenced immediately on the Main Lawn, providing the perfect opportunity for mingling and revelry.

As a seasoned Homme House wedding photographer, I understand the importance of efficiently capturing cherished moments without encroaching upon the couple’s precious time. With this in mind, we seamlessly transitioned into capturing a few essential family and group shots, ensuring that every cherished face was immortalized in memory. Additionally, we seized the opportunity to steal away with Marcus and Hannah to the Walled Garden, where we crafted romantic portraits amidst the verdant splendor.

Our approach prioritizes efficiency without compromising quality, allowing our couples to bask in the joy of their day surrounded by loved ones in a stress-free atmosphere. After all, moments shared with family and friends are the true essence of any celebration, and it’s our privilege to ensure that Marcus and Hannah’s wedding day unfolds seamlessly, leaving them with memories to treasure for a lifetime.

As the afternoon unfolded into evening, the time arrived to gather in the elegant Dining Room at Homme House for the heartfelt speeches and a sprinkling of happy tears, all followed by a delectable wedding breakfast. What truly sets Homme House apart from other wedding venues is its unparalleled sense of relaxed refinement. Here, amidst the warm ambiance and inviting atmosphere, every guest is made to feel as comfortable and cherished as if they were in the comfort of their own home.

For those who follow our social media channels, it’s no secret that I hold a deep admiration for the soft, ethereal light of the evening. As the golden hour approached, I kept a watchful eye on the clock and the sun, knowing that this fleeting moment of radiant illumination would provide the perfect backdrop for capturing Marcus and Hannah in all their newlywed glory.

Stealing away for just a few precious minutes, I whisked the couple off to the nearby fields, bathed in the warm embrace of the setting sun. The resulting images, awash in the soft hues of dusk, are a testament to the unparalleled beauty of this golden hour magic. Oh, how those moments amidst the golden fields were worth every second, serving as a breathtaking testament to the love and joy shared by Marcus and Hannah on their wedding day.

After indulging in the sumptuous wedding breakfast, Marcus and Hannah took to the dance floor to showcase their moves, igniting the room with their infectious energy. It was a joy to capture the carefree spirit and unbridled joy of everyone as they let loose and danced the night away. As always, we lingered to ensure that every silly moment and spirited dance move was documented, for these candid snapshots often become cherished memories in years to come.

I’m immensely grateful to Marcus and Hannah for entrusting me with the task of capturing their wedding day at Homme House. It’s a privilege to be their chosen photographer, and I eagerly anticipate the opportunity to photograph and film many more weddings at this beloved local venue. Homme House holds a special place in my heart, and I relish the chance to continue preserving precious moments against its picturesque backdrop.

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