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Old Gore Barn Wedding by Yard Space

Elliot and Sarah’s Old Gore Barn Wedding by Yard Space Events

Old Gore Barn Wedding by Yard Space 1

Step into the idyllic realm of the Cotswolds, where romance intertwines with history at the Old Gore Barn wedding venue. Recently renovated to perfection by Yard Space Events, Old Gore Barn near Cirencester, Gloucestershire, has become synonymous with unparalleled charm and timeless elegance. As a seasoned wedding photographer immersed in the enchanting world of Cotswold weddings for the past decade, the opportunity to document Elliot and Sarah’s love story at this iconic wedding venue was nothing short of a photographer’s dream come true.

The Old Gore Barn stands as a testament to architectural ingenuity, seamlessly blending rustic allure with contemporary sophistication. Nestled amidst the rolling hills of Gloucestershire, it promises an unparalleled backdrop for celebrations that leave an indelible mark. From the moment I was commissioned to be part of Elliot and Sarah’s Old Gore Barn wedding, anticipation and excitement filled the air. What sets this venue apart is not just its storied past, but the meticulous attention to detail in its recent renovation. Yard Space Events has breathed new life into this historical gem, transforming it into a haven for couples seeking a unique and unforgettable wedding experience. The allure of Old Gore Barn wedding venue extends beyond its charming façade; it’s an immersive journey into a world where every nook and cranny echoes with the whispers of love stories that have unfolded within its walls.

Grab a metaphorical front-row seat and join me as we unravel the magical tapestry of their love story amidst the rustic elegance of the Old Gore Barn – a journey you won’t want to miss!

Old Gore Barn Wedding Photography

With nearly 15 years behind the lens, capturing the essence of love in countless weddings both across the UK and abroad, I call the quaint corner of Herefordshire, West Midlands, my base – a stone’s throw away from the captivating Cotswolds. Having had the privilege of working in numerous Cotswold’s wedding venues, the Old Gore Barn stands out as a true gem in my portfolio.

As a wedding photographer, every venue visit is a quest for that perfect light, the kind that paints love stories with an ethereal glow. The Old Gore Barn wedding venue, thanks to Yard Space Events’ impeccable design, surpassed all expectations in this regard. The careful consideration for lighting nuances, catering to the needs of every soul present, including fellow wedding suppliers, showcases a venue that understands and respects the art of crafting timeless moments.

Wandering through Old Gore Barn, it’s not just a venue; it’s like a photographer’s dream playground. Yard Space Events didn’t just renovate; they orchestrated a dance of light and space. Every corner is a canvas begging to be filled with the warmth of real moments. The masterminds behind the venue’s facelift, seemed to have a sixth sense for what us photographers crave – and they delivered, big time. Old Gore Barn wedding venue hits the jackpot!

As the big day unfolded, I wasn’t flying solo – I had my partner in crime, Gabriel, with me as a second shooter. We kicked off the morning by splitting up to capture the magic of both sides of the story as Elliot and Sarah embarked on their journey to “I do.” The couple had chosen to get ready in cozy local cottages just a stone’s throw away from the Old Gore Barn wedding venue, and trust me, having two photographers was a game-changer. Elliot and his gang brought the pre-wedding energy to one cottage, while Sarah and her squad were creating their own magic in another. It’s the kind of behind-the-scenes action that adds depth to the narrative – the nervous anticipation, the laughter, and the quiet moments of reflection. Having two lenses at play allowed us to encapsulate the essence of their individual stories unfolding simultaneously. Weddings, in the lens of us photographers, have evolved into a full-day extravaganza. It’s not just about the ceremony; it’s about the entire journey – from the morning preps to the wild dance floor shenanigans. Our mission? To craft a visual saga that encapsulates every nuance, every emotion, and every unexpected twist that makes each wedding day uniquely beautiful. It’s not just documentation; it’s storytelling at its finest.

Once everyone was ready, we all made our way to the Old Gore Barn wedding venue, and let me tell you, the ceremony was nothing short of magical. I fell head over heels for the decor, and the flowers that Elliot and Sarah curated for the occasion were nothing less than a feast for the eyes. Picture this: vows exchanged in front of a warm woodburning stove, nestled amidst natural greenery, exposed beams, and contemporary Crittall-style doors that flooded the space with a light, airy ambiance. The setting was a dream, but the magic didn’t stop there. One highlight for me was seeing my dear friend, Matt Bee, the Cotswolds Wedding Guitarist, in action. We’ve teamed up on numerous occasions, and if you’re in need of a musician to sprinkle some musical charm on your day, Matt’s your guy. As always, he absolutely rocked it. Matt’s melodies echoed through the ceremony, accompanied us during the drinks reception, and set the perfect tone for the wedding breakfast.

Post-ceremony, Elliot and Sarah stepped into a confetti-filled welcome from their guests – a hurricane of color and joy that we absolutely adore as wedding photographers. It’s not just a tradition; it’s a fantastic photo opportunity, and trust me, the more confetti, the better! With confetti dreams still lingering in the air, the celebration moved to the Old Gore Barn wedding venue’s main courtyard, where guests were treated to a delightful selection of canapés and crisp Prosecco. The courtyard, overlooking the scenic Cotswold valleys, provided the perfect backdrop for the next chapter of the day.

We seized the opportunity of the glorious weather, diving into a series of family and group photos. Following that, it was time for the creative portraits – capturing the essence of Elliot and Sarah’s love against the stunning Cotswold backdrop. To add a pop of color to the slightly grey sky, we introduced smoke bombs, a playful touch that never fails to bring out the smiles, especially for those experiencing it for the first time.

As the sun began to dip below the Cotswold hills, we made our way back inside for the much-anticipated speeches and the wedding breakfast hosted in the charming long barn. Speeches are a treasure trove of natural moments, often sprinkled with laughter and the occasional happy tear. It’s another opportunity for us to document the raw, genuine emotions that make each wedding unique. We pride ourselves on being unobtrusive, ensuring our couples can truly savor every moment of their special day. Our role is to weave their love stories into the fabric of our photographs, capturing the essence in the most natural manner possible.

Now, let’s talk about the food – oh, the food! We’ve had the pleasure of visiting many wedding venues, but Old Gore Barn truly stands out, especially when it comes to the street food they serve up. It’s not just a meal; it’s a culinary experience that’s downright mouth-watering.

After a delightful break between the wedding breakfast and the impending dance floor mayhem, Elliot and Sarah ushered in the evening celebrations with the timeless tradition of cake cutting, followed by their enchanting first dance. The atmosphere was electric, and everyone was primed for a night of celebration. The party vibe was contagious, and as the music filled the air, we all danced the night away. Laughter, joy, and the rhythmic beat of celebration painted the scene, creating memories that would linger long after the final notes had faded away.

Being Elliot and Sarah’s Old Gore Barn Wedding photographer was an absolute pleasure, capturing the love, laughter, and unforgettable moments that made their day truly magical. Old Gore Barn, with its timeless charm and modern elegance, provided the perfect canvas for their love story to unfold. As the festivities unfolded, from the heartfelt ceremony to the lively dance floor, I couldn’t help but feel grateful to be part of such a special day.

To Elliot and Sarah, thank you for trusting me to document your Old Gore Barn wedding. It was an honor, and I genuinely can’t wait for the next opportunity to capture the beauty of Old Gore Barn once again. Here’s to many more love-filled celebrations in this enchanting corner of the Cotswolds!

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